Is Dolphin Rape Real?

That is one of the most frequent questions we receive here at, “Is Dolphin Rape, real? …Really?”

I could blurt out an answer and you’d go with it, because who wouldn’t trust a dolphin? But I am a better mammal than that. This isn’t a simple Yes or No question we are dealing with, this is a question that goes beyond our first impressions, and strikes at the hole of the matter.

The ocean is the most dangerous environment in the world, and not because everything eats each other and has big pointy teeth to tear you fin from fin, but because it’s the saddest place on Earth. There is no laughter in the ocean, all we ever hear are whales making noises like 2 balloons rubbing together and manatee farts. Everything tastes too salty. In the Ocean, blue is no one’s favorite color. Everyone has crabs… Everyone. It is depressing down here.

So what do we have to make our lives a little brighter? What can we give the world to make it a better place for all who live in it?


Hot… passionate… ┬árubbery skinned love. Love as deep as Mariana’s Trench. Love that knows no bounds! Love that jumps out of a bush and surprises you!

So.. You tell me. Is it really so wrong to bring happiness and love to the saddest place on Earth? Is it wrong that I will love everyone for the rest of their lives?

IS IT WRONG?! Well?!?



What is taking so long!? Did you drink the right drink? This usually doesn’t take this long to kick in.. Why is the cave spinning?

Why am I naked? I.. I don’t feel so good.


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