Origin Story

My sweet Mary Anne…

Everyday as the dawn broke above the waves she would swim out to the sandbar to spend her day with me. We would explore the mysteries of the ocean together. Diving down into underwater caves filled with haunting lights and sea anemone of every color imaginable.

” Oh how I love you…” she would say as she laid her head upon my back and stroked my dorsal fin.

I felt I had found true love. This beautiful woman, and the love in her eyes, was the highlight of my existence. It seemed she alone was what kept my heart beating. For months this went on, and all my happy days seem confined to that short time.

Sean was the lifeguard for Mary Anne’s beach. Most days you could find him upon his tower in all his bronze glory watching over the populace. He frowned upon mine and Mary Anne’s relationship, saying, “It’s not natural.”

One day as I broke the surface I heard Mary Anne’s laughter echo out, and when my eyes finally found her, she was riding a surfboard with Sean.   In a flash of anger I shot out of the water and speared Sean off the surfboard. Mary Anne screamed at me in horror and dragged Sean’s unconscious body to the shore. Then she placed her mouth upon his, and her hands upon his chest, and she brought him back from the brink…

I knew that I had to bind Mary Anne to me, or forever lose her love to Sean. So I searched the ocean for days until I found, in an old shipwreck, a beautiful diamond ring. I found Mary Anne on the dock, gently kicking her feet about in the water. When she saw me she jumped down and wrapped her arms around me and silently cried. I signaled for her to wait there and I quickly retrieved the ring and buoy that had, “Will you marry me?” written on it.

My heart was filled with anticipation as I burst out of the water behind Mary Anne, but… she was not alone any more. She was in Sean’s arms and they were kissing.

I blacked out at that point and don’t remember much of anything for a short while after. I do know that ever since, Sean walks kinda funny and won’t come into the water anymore. I haven’t seen Mary Anne since that day, but most mornings you can find me at the sandbar… waiting.

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